Dr. Dieden R.   Curriculum vitae

  NMR Spectroscopy                                                           Reiner Dieden






Research interests

Computer assisted chemical structure elucidation and data management.

Immunosuppressive drugs.

Transition metal complexes of organochalcogen compounds.


1985-1991                               Fac. Univ. N.D.-Paix                                            Namur, B

Doctorat en sciences [Ph.D.]                                           Prof. L. Hevesi

La Plus Grande Distinction

Thesis : « Etude de l’interaction de l’ion argent(I) et les séléniures organiques ».[Study of the interaction between the silver(I) ion and organic selenides].  Thèse Annexe [bibliographical work]: «Mécanisme de la biosynthèse de la vitamine B12 ».[Mechanism of vitamin B12 biosynthesis.]

1981-1985.                           Fac. Univ. N.D.-Paix                                            Namur, B

Licence en Chimie [B.Sc]                                                Prof. L. Hevesi


Mémoire : « Contribution à l’étude des carbocations séléniés par RMN 77Se ».[Contribution to the study of seleniated carbocations by 77Se NMR.]



Since 2007                             UCB Pharma                                          Braine-l’Alleud, B

Director Analytical & Physical Chemistry, Logistics

Planning and implementation of  liquid-storage system and HTS-screening Deck.

Planning and implementation of liquid-handling software.

Managing 3 teams (11 persons).  Departmental interface with Informatics.

Reorganization of UCB's Logistics following closure of Cambridge Site.


Since 1999                             UCB Pharma                                          Braine-l’Alleud, B

Head of Analytical Chemistry

Structure determination of pharmaceutical compounds.

Management of a group of 6 analytical Chemists, responsible for analytical service to chemical research department.

Management of a heterogeneous local computer network (10+ windows XP/NT/9x; 12 unix/linux).

Development of a web-based spectral data management system, automated data backup and archiving and NMR open-access service.


1993–1999                              Solvay                                                                Brussels, B

Research Scientist

Structure elucidation of polymers, organic additives, peptides and saccharides.

Initiation and follow-up of collaborations with Universities.

Proposal and implementation of new techniques.


1991–1992                              Texas A&M University                 College Station, USA


Postdoctoral stay with Prof. A. Ian Scott, Center for Biological NMR.

Study of taxol biosynthesis.

NMR and Molecular Modeling study of taxol and some analogue’s conformation in different solvents.


1989–1991                              Fac. Univ. Notre-Dame de la Paix.                     Namur, B

Teaching Assistant


1991-1992                               NATO-Fellowship                                                              

                                               Postdoc at Texas A&M University.

1985-1988                              IRSIA-Fellowships

                                               Ph.D. studies at Fac. Univ. N.D.-Paix



2009                        Negociation and Conflict Management


2008                        Leading International Remote Teams


2006                        Presenting and Convincing effectively, Brussels


2004                        BaCaTeC Summer School 2004 on NMR of Biomolecular Complexes, Bayreuth (D)

2003                       Situational Leadership, Brussels

1997                       Assertivity, Brussels

1997                       Solid State NMR Summer School, Les Houches (F)

1995                       Project Management, Brussels

1993                       2D NMR Course, Bruker-Spektrospin, Fällanden (CH)

Research Interests

Spectral Information Management, immunosuppressant macrolides, NMR of organochalcogen-transition metal complexes, automated spectral assignment.


Physical organic chemist with extensive theoretical and practical experience in modern multinuclear and multidimensional NMR techniques applied to the structure elucidation of organic compounds.

Experience with organic synthesis, chromatography (TLC, GC, prep-GC, HPLC), spectroscopy (IR, UV-Vis, {}-MS, liquid and solid state NMR), DSC, molecular modeling (Sybyl).

Computer programming (C, Perl, Java), development of web based data management systems (html, cgi, php), database development and management (sql; postgresql, mysql, oracle), unix system administration.

Management of a team of 6 analytical chemists for a pharmaceutical research department.

Languages : German, French, English, Dutch


Since 2009             Dr. Igor Tetko, Helmholtz Zentrum, München (D)

Prediction of physicochemical parameters

Since 2003             Dr. Luc Patiny, EPFL, Lausanne (Ch)

Development of Analytical Data Management and NMR assignment tools.

1996-2007              Dr. Georges Lhoëst, UCL, Brussels (B)

                               Metabolism of immunosuppressive macrolides.

1995-1999              Prof. Françoise Lauprètre, ESPCI, Paris (F),

                               Solid state NMR of polyolefins.

Invited Talks

2009                        Analytisches Research Daten Management bei UCB, Lab Automation & Datenprocessing durch Enterprise LIMS, MarucsEvans, Radisson Hotel, Köln (D)

2009                        Re-aligning IT Infrastructure Post-Merger and Building a Unified Screening Deck, 6th PharmaIQ IQPC Compound Management, Edwardian Radisson Heathrow, London (GB)

2009                        Ensuring maximum Quality Compounds by Implementing QC Data Follow-Up Process, 6th PharmaIQ IQPC Compound Management, Edwardian Radisson Heathrow, London (GB)

2008                        From Data-Management to Knowledge-Management: The road ahead, 1st EnCOrE meeting, Spa (B)

Talks and Posters

2004                        Poster: “Chemical Research Automated NMR Workflow at UCB Pharma”, SMASH 2004, Breckenridge (CO), USA

1999                        Some Peculiarities of the NMR of Organochalcogen-Lewis acid Complexes and of the Chemistry of Cyclosporin A and SDZ-IMM-125, Dept. Chemistry, Purdue University

1999                        Applications of NMR to Structural Problems in Chemistry: 1. NMR Study of Organochalcogen-Transition Metal Complexes. 2.: some Pecularities of Cyclosporin A and SDZ-IMM-125 Chemistry, Dept. Chemistry, Cornell University

1989                        Poster: “Unusual 77Se NMR Behaviour of Selenide-Silver Complexes”, 10th Meeting of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance (Xth ISMAR), Morzine (F)

1988                        Poster: “On the Nature of Selenium stabilized Carbon Electrophiles”, International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry (ICPOC ’88), Regensburg (D)

1988                        Poster: “Spectroscopic Studies of Selenium Stabilized Carbenium Ions”, Colloque du Centenaire de la Soicété Royale de Chimie, Brussels (B)

1988                        Poster: “Spectroscopic Studies of Selenium Stabilized Carbenium Ions”, Belgian Organic Chemistry Symposium (BOSS 2), Brussels (B)


1.        Cyclisation Reactions of IMM-125 and oxydation of Cyclosporin-A amino acid 1 in the a-position of the double bond lead to the loss of in vitro immunosuppressive activity, Dieden, R.; Latinne, D.; Baldari, C.; Maton, N.; Aubri, A.; Verbbeck, R.K.; Zurini, M.; Lhoëst, G.J.J.,  Spectroscopy, 2000, 14¸ 215-28.

2.        Isolation, Identification and Immunosuppressive activity of SDZ-IMM-125 metabolites from Human Liver Microsomes, Dieden, R.; Verbeeck, R.K.; Latinne, D.; Wallemacq, P.; Maton, N.; Lhoëst, G.J.J., Eur. J. Drug Matab. Pharmacokin.1999, 24(1), 83-90.

3.        The in vitro immunosuppressive activity, isolation from Pig Liver Microsomes and Identification by Electrospray ms-ms of a new FK-506 C19-C20 Epoxyde Metabolite, Lhoëst, G., Dieden R., Verbeeck R.K.; Maton, N.; Ingendoh, A.; Latinne, D., J. Pharmacol. Exp. Therap. 1998, 284, 1074-81.

4.        Isolation from Phenobarbital induced Rabbit Liver Microsomes, Identification and In Vitro immunosuppressive activity of a SDZ-IMM-125 Metabolite, Dieden, R.; Verbeeck, R.K.; Maton, N.; Latinne, D.; Ljoëst, G.J.J., Xenobiotica 1997, 27. 933-49.

5.        NMR and Moldecular Modeling Study on active and inactive taxol analogues in aqueous and non-acqueous Solution, Williams, H.J.; Scott, A.I.; Dieden, R.A.; Swindell, C.S..; Chirlian, L.E.; Francl, M.M.; heerding, J.M.; Krauss, N.E., Canad. J. Chem. 1994, 72, 252.

6.        NMR and Molecular Modeling Study of the conformations of Taxol and its Side Chain methyl Ester in aqueous and non-aqueous Solution, Williams, H.J.; Scott, A.I.; Dieden, R.A.; Swindell, C.S.; Chirlian, L/E/: Francl, M.M.; Heefing, J.M.; Krauss, N.E., Tetrahedron 1993, 49, 6545-60.

7.        Stereochemical Outcome of reactions involving 1,1-Bis(Seleno)-4-tert-Butyl Cyclohexanes, Krief, A.; hevesi, L.; Dumont, W.; Badaoui, E.; Hermans, B.; Dieden, R., Tetrahedron Lett. 1991,  32, 3231.

8.        Selective Synthesis and Reactions of 1-Seleno-4-tert-Buty cycloalkyllithiums, Krief, A.; Evrard, G.; Badaoui, E.;; DeBeys, V.; Dieden, R.; Tetahedron Lett. 1989, 30, 5635.

9.        Unusual 77Se NMR Behavior of Selenide-Silver Complexes, Dieden, R.; Hevesi, L.; Proceedings of the Xth ISMAR Meeting, Bull. Magn. Reson. 1989, 11, 193.

10.     Synthesis of 1,1-Bis(Seleno)-2-Alkenes, Dieden, R.; Hevesi, L. Synthesis 1988, 616.